Besides the world of the cinema, our whole visual culture went through a severe change in the last few decades. Just reach into your pocket to find an interactive telecommunication device with a movie and sound recording application, and in your other pocket maybe there is a miniature home theater projector. Finished movies are not winding up to the heavy machine of the projectionist from a huge iron box, and the flammable celluloid strip is not twirled between a light bulb and a shutter by a complex cogwheel – all you have to do is connecting to a computer a card, a microdrive or a USBdevice which are cosily fit to a child’s hand, and with pushing a single button projection becomes possible even in every cinema in the world at the same time via the Internet. Science fiction is not the future anymore.
Science fiction is knocking on the door:

“KINOPART was founded at the end of the second decade of 21st century. Sixteen years after 2001 Space Odessey, six years after Skynet’s Judgement Day, and four years after Doc, Marty and Jennifer arrived in future with the DeLorean to save young Marty from Biff. POSTMAN defeated the fascist Holn and his band and rearranged the government. Many people connected to the push. Users registered from every corner of the world. A fair number found a job with the help of KINOPART, their career has started. Independent creators connected easily, their devices, ideas came alive, creative energies relieved, contents, films, animations, documentaries, scripts and video clips spread out. They formed international creative communities, border lines disappeared, the market broadened, new productional and distribution routines evolved. The fifth birthday of KINOPART was celebrated by thousands of users on a legendary film festival. KINOPART film festival was the first in history which projections were possibly visited anywhere in the world. Via KINOPART’s USTREAM channel hundreds of cinemas, clubs and projector parties resounded with KINOPART users and partners. In some’s opinion, millions of fans seen the screenings. It was 2019. Only one thing shadowed KINOPART's second birthday:
Some robots of Tyrell corporation somehow broke lose on Mars and reached Earth under unexplained circumstances…”

That’s all, folks. Moving picture, with its amazing variety of genres and forms, is the most popular, and maybe the most important part of our culture. Without culture civilization collapses. We have to shoot. The movie is an actual, entertaining and thought-provoking forum which reflects delicately on today’s social questions with telling old and new tales and stories. We have to play. We hope our vision grabbed you. You can read more about our aims and acceptances under KINOPART MISSION.



The KINOPART.COM is a new initiative to gather human and objective resources of the international film industry. Our vision is a busy virtual workspace, full of talented and dedicated beginners and experienced professionals meeting and working together. A place to find fresh and new ideas, chance to learn, to work, to widen network, to find talents, schools, courses, partners, equipment, locations, props, animals, vehicles and anything you want to make your dreams come true.
At this point, you clearly see the huge work we are standing before.
KINOPART tends to the success of all of us with the following aims and acceptances:

We provide space to show yourself where offers can find you.
We brief you on up to date job offers, applications, auditions, scholarships, professional events.
We develop KINOPART community.
We provide online and offline services.
We help you with self-management and career-building.
We organize professional and language courses and workshops.
We launch productions and applications.
We urge the effort to give rise to "European Movie" modeled on "American Movie" with programs and finding partners.
We raise partners, financial sources, investors.